Meet Stan Stinky...

He’s a sewer rat who writes a diary on loo roll and is the star of Stan Stinky Sewer Hero and Stan Stinky vs the Sewer Pirates.

Stan lives in a drain and sleeps in a crisp packet!

In the first book, Stan meets his wacky uncle Captain Ratts and his Cockroach side-kick called Roachy. They go on an adventure where they discover a mountain of underwear, get chased by a human baby and flush themselves down the toilet!

In the second book, Stan and his friend Olive Copperpipe become amateur sleuths and go undercover as sewer pirates to rescue the kidnapped Antony ant and Captain Ratts.

Both adventures feature brave Stan saving the town residents of ‘Slime on the Sewer’ from terrible smells or rampaging pirates.

A map of Stan’s underground world

This is the Old Noodle, Captain Ratt’s junk boat - He sails the sewers in it.

The Old Noodle is leaky, creaky and has to be repaired regularly to stop it sinking.

The plunger at the front is for unblocking sewer pipes, the dingy is a plastic bottle. Stan helps his Uncle Captain Ratts repair his boat with rotten string, hairy blu-tac, half a glue stick and damp bits of cardboard!

This is Olive and Stan meeting a pirate wasp named Stinger.

Stan is good at drawing, here he is drawing things he fished out of the ‘River Gunk’

These are Stan’s drawings of the Sewer Pirates. He spies on them before going undercover as one of them.

Now you can have a go at drawing too with this guide on how to draw a stinky sewer rat!

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