Meet the Scruffiest Pets in town...


This rag-tag gang of misfit pets from The Scruffs and The Scruffs Showtime are the funniest and most adventurous pets on the block. But they’re not really pets and they’ll never be for sale (even though they live in a pet shop). They’re free to come and go as they please because Mr Straw the Perfect Pet Shop owner is blissfully unaware of what they’re up to!

Meet the gang...

This is Itch the clever, flea-ridden dog with an aversion to baths but a nose for adventure, he’s the leader of the pack. (That's if Ursula the cat isn't around!)

Slug lives in the pet shop too, unofficially. He is a very well-read slug and his favourite snack is the classified pages in Mr Straw’s newspaper. He is writing a mollusc romance novel!

Gerb is a gerbil with extra large ears, he can hear a pin drop a mile away and hopes that one day he may learn to fly with them.

Elvis is an ancient, crusty chameleon who is always changing the wrong colour. He loves to sing karaoke for fun!

Lost is missing a few feathers! Before discovering the benefits of wearing glasses she was always getting lost. She has a few hidden talents though, like her ability to chirp many languages.

This pedigree Burman cat is Ursula, she used to be super posh and snobby but soon changed her ways when the Scruffs saved her from being sold to a horrible new owner. Mr Straw shaved her when she got matted fur and now she is patchy all over!

Oh err! It’s Tom Cat! He's the mean spirited cat who is always sticking his nose where it’s not wanted. He is a spoil-sport and hates seeing The Scruffs having fun.

The Den! This is the Scruffs hideout, it's actually an old rabbit hutch!

Look inside the Perfect Pet Shop where the Scruffs live, there are lots of things to spot- can you see them all?

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