Hello there Badger!

Here’s a very hungry badger, he has been looking for something good to eat in the bins all night...

He spies a boy dropping his sandwich
in the park sandpit, now is his chance
to stop his tummy rumbling...

In the book The Disgusting Sandwich
written by Gareth Edwards, Badger tries
very hard to get the sandwich but various
other animals keep getting it first.

As the sandwich gets passed
around the park, it becomes more and

This is a rough first sketch of Badger in the park looking hungry...

This is the final artwork from the same sketch.

Badger gets into all sorts of scrapes, watch out for that kite Badger!

When Badger finally gets the sandwich it is very grubby!
Look what's on it...

But don’t worry about poor badger, he gets to eat his favourite snack...SLUGS!

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