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Unipiggle - Dragon Trouble

Written and illustrated by Hannah Shaw

Published by Usborne - July 2020.

Book two in the series. Meet the princess who loves breaking the rules, and her Royal Unicorn, who happens to be a pig! There’s trouble in store for Unipiggle and Princess Pea when a naughty dragon accidentally magics a dinosaur into Twinkleland… Will the dinosaur CRASH and BASH and SMASH down Twinkleland? Or can Unipiggle and Princess Pea find a way to stop the dino?

ISBN: 9781474972185

Independent reader with full colour illustrations throughout.

"Fizzing with imagination" - Harriet Muncaster, author and illustrator of the Isadora Moon books

"I really like Unipiggle, it's a very fun book" - Adam, aged 8

"I would love to live in a land called Twinkleland. It would be great… I think I could read Unipiggle all day" - Lucy, aged 8


Unipiggle Book Trailer

#2 Draw-a-long A Dragon from Unipiggle (Book 2 - Dragon Trouble)

Hannah Shaw draws Unipiggle

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