Who Ate Auntie Iris

Written by Sean Taylor & Illustrated by Hannah Shaw

Frances Lincoln Books UK Ltd Published 2012. This book was reissued in 2014 as a ‘Time to read’ edition in a smaller, easy to read format

One little chinchilla loves going to visit Auntie Iris – but there’s danger in the air at the block of flats where Auntie Iris lives. . .

There are bears on the first floor, crocodiles on the second floor, wolves on the third floor. One day, when Auntie Iris goes down to put out the rubbish – she doesn’t come back! Who ate Auntie Iris? Little Chinchilla bravely goes to find out. But who are the new neighbours on the fourth floor – and could they have something to do with Auntie Iris’s disappearance?

A REVIEW From The Bookseller

ISBN: 9781847802194 ISBN PB : 9781847803146 ISBN: 9781847804785


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