We have Lift-Off!

Written by Sean Taylor & Illustrated by Hannah Shaw

Frances Lincoln Books UK Ltd (Janetta Otter-Barry Book) Published 2015/2016. Also as a ‘Time to read’ edition in a smaller, easy to read format.

One brave Chicken is sent into space to look for a new place for the farm animals to live. Will she come back?

Mr Tanner the farmer is a miserable meanie, he poisons the air with smoke, pollutes the river and cuts down all the trees. The poor animals are crammed into a tumbledown barn where they plan their escape…to space! First they have to build a rocket, then persuade a chicken to fly it. Will they find a new place to live? Or will Mr Tanner get more than he bargained for? Another rocket fuelled tale from Taylor and Shaw!

ISBN: 9781847803221 ISBN PB: 9781847804778


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