The World Famous Cheese Shop Break-in

Written by Sean Taylor & Illustrated by Hannah Shaw

Frances Lincoln Books UK Ltd (Janetta Otter-Barry Book) Published 2013

Daddypops says it will be as easy as 123 to get into the Cheese Shop... First he tells his children to just walk through the door and get the cheese… But THAT doesn’ t work. Then he makes a catapult and fires them into the shop… . THAT doesn’ t work either. Finally Daddypops has his most brilliant idea ever. He gets a pickaxe, a shovel and a bucket and tells the children what to do. They will dig a tunnel to the Cheese Shop, and break through to the shop floor at dead of night. What could go wrong??

“A silly caper that kids who crack up at the very mention of underwear will enjoy.” - School Library Journal

ISBN: 9781847804303 ISBN PB: 9781847807601


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